Healthcare & Education Facilities

ASYNBIO provides a proven, sustainable and cost-effective method of reducing HAI-related pathogens by up to 90% in hospitals, medical clinics, care homes and educational facilities.

ASYNBIO technology used in Sport Clubs

Dr's Reference Letter

Probiotics impact burn wounds

Case 1 Andile & the Hot Water

Microbiome study explained

Ghent University microbiome study explained

Hospital Test Report

Lokeren Hospital Test Report

Hand Washing in Hospitals Chart

Hand Cleaning and Protection in Hospitals Comparison

Hospital Report Chart

University of Ghent & Lokeren Hospital Infection Risk Reduction Chart

Hospital Report

University of Ghent-Lokeren Hospital Study 2007

Medical Institute Report

Medical Institute of Ostrava Test Report

FDA Registered Report

FDA Registered Inhalation Report December

Burn Center Hospital Test Report

Medical Burn Center Hospital Report Kiev City

Home and Hospital Test Report

MJHH Home and Hospital Test Report

Retirement Home Trial

VZW Goudblomne Home for the Elderly R&D Test File

MRSA Healthcare Worker Study

University of Ulster MRSA Healthcare Worker Study

C-Diff and MRSA Study

University of Liverpool English C-DIFF & MRSA Report

Medical Clinic Test Report

Midland Medical Clinic Test Report Update

Hospital Report

University of Ferrera Year-long St Anne Hospital Study


ASYNBIO provides effective, safe and planet friendly products for the food and hospitality sector to ensure the best possible conditions of cleanliness.

Hotel Microbial Trial Report

Hotel PIP Allergy Microbiological Validation Trial

Restaurant Test Report

Quarterdeck Restaurant Floor Test Report

Hotel Study

Radisson Microbiological Validation Study

Subway Restaurant Test Report

Subway Restaurant Report and Testimonial

Hotel Test Report

Park Inn Manchester Radisson Test Report

Hotel Article

Cape Town Hotel Article

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Letter

CFIA No Objection Letter for APC, FCC and Pro-Foam February

Industry & Facility Management

ASYNBIO provides efficient, safe, and economical commercial cleaning solutions for the entire facilities world across all industries.

Apartments Test Report

Glebe Luxury Apartments Test Report July

Snap Fitness Test Report

Snap Fitnes Test Report May

Dome Test Report

UGL Saint Louis Dome Test Report February

Portable Toilets Study

Portable Toilets Case Study

Gym and Fitness Study

Gym & Fitness Facilities Product Comparison Study, March

Saanich School Testimonial

Saanich School Testimonial September